DVLA Tax Check

UK road tax, MOT, insurance and annual maintenance reminder service.

Our Service

Our premium UK vehicle reminder service frees you from the burden of remembering when your car, van, motorcycle, truck, coach, etc. is due its road tax, MOT, insurance and annual service.

After signing up for free, you can add as many vehicles as you like to your system, by purchasing a credit for each.

A single credit starts at £1.99 and covers a vehicle for a 12 month period. We also provide discounts for bulk purchases at the following rates:

  • 5 vehicle credits (5%)
  • 10 vehicle credits (10%)
  • 15+ vehicle credits (15%)

You only need to enter 2 pieces of information about your vehicle:

  • Registration number
  • Make (e.g. FORD)
You can also supply the following information, in which case we will send notifications for:
  • Next insurance due date (optional)
  • Next annual service due date (optional)

After providing the above, we will gather additional details about the vehicle and send you timely email notices regarding forthcoming due dates within the next 12 months.

What alerts do we provide?

Timely email alerts are sent for the following:

Road Tax (VED)

The UK road tax was first introduced in 1888 and is officially known as Vehicle Excise Duty (VED).

It is applied to vehicles in a series of bands and is mandatory for the majority of UK vehicles using the road network. If a car is not using the UK road network a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) must be registered for the vehicle.


First introduced in 1960 , the Ministry of Transport test (MOT) is an annual inspection which evaluates the safety and general 'road worthiness' of most vehicles over 3 years old.

The test currently involves many aspects of a vehicles components including lighting, steering, seat belts, tyres / wheels, exhaust emissions, etc.

Vehicle Insurance

Unlike some countries, the legal requirement in the UK is for the driver of the vehicle to be insured, not the actual vehicle itself.

Vehicle insurance is a legal requirement to take a vehicle on the UK road network. The minimum level of cover required is 'third party', which covers for damage caused to another’s person, vehicle, animal or property.

Annual Maintenance

Also know as a vehicles 'annual service', there is no legal requirement to perform annual maintenance to a vehicle, although it is highly recommended in order to help maintain safety and reliability.

Maintenance will often include changing the vehicles engine oil, oil filer, air filter, cabin filters and various other checks such as tyre and brake wear, etc.